K I Z M i T

Analog Recording Studio
Mixing / Mastering
Music production



We offer a 1600 sqft duplex of creative space full of the best vintage instruments and recording equipment to record your solo project or full band in style.


Give your music the professional sound it deserves by having us mix your tracks through our 1968 Electrodyne 1204 Console, and other legendary analog hardware. Check out our full gear list for more.


Mastering for Analog and Digital platforms using our Electrodyne 1204, Neumann Mastering Console, Scully 280 Tape Machine, and more to bring dynamic warmth, space, and volume to your mixes.


Our work has been featured at The Cannes Film Festival, you can watch the film under Artists + Projects. If you are a filmmaker get in touch to discuss your project with us. 


If you are a solo artist looking to have a full band production, we play all the instruments in the studio and have a deep network of New York’s best musicians to help if need be.


From commercials to children’s books, we create custom music for creative agencies, most recently produced and performed the music for the Mountain Dew “Dewnited States” campaign. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.