About The owner

A Florida native, Owner and Founder Joshua Rouah has been a working music professional since the age of nine. He built his first recording studio at 11 to create tracks for his one-man-show. As his career took off he learned part writing to create charts for his 5 piece Klezmer band, which he performed with across Florida and the United States. 

After graduating with honors from The University of Michigan with a BFA in Music & Theatre, he moved to New York to pursue a career on Broadway. He performed lead roles on Broadway in GREASE, SOUTH PACIFIC, and WICKED. He now performs live with several artists including Jeffertiti, 88 Palms, Lewis Lazar, Richard Kennedy, Matt McAuley, and served as MD for Miss Diana Gordon during her debut performances on The Late show with Steven Colbert, and MTV's Wonderland. He opened KIZMIT with a fresh vision, a new way to serve the music community that would extend beyond the live show. With a deep rooted understanding of music and a gifted ear he specializes in recording live bands, producing for solo artists, and mixing. 

KIZMIT has produced records for Jeffertiti's Nile (The Entire Universe), Reni Lane, Saara Untracht-Oakner of BOYTOY, Radiant Reveries, RaShonda Reeves, Richard Kennedy, RAURY, Kid Bowery, ALT FI, Joseph Arthur, Haile, ISMAY, and more. Joshua scored the short film "To Dust" which was shown at Cannes Film Festival, and recently produced the music for the new Mountain Dew 'Dewnited States' campaign. 

"I opened KIZMIT with one mantra in mind; Pro without the pressure. I want to work with artists across all genres to help them achieve top quality sound using the very best vintage and modern equipment. Come see what KIZMIT can do you for your music"  - JOSHUA ROUAH